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You name it; it does it. this program may be one of the best, and definitely least expensive, you will ever find. I have bought many cheap versions of editors or had free ones that aren’t 1% of what Pos Pro is. I wish I had this software a long time ago. Absent professional idiosyncracies or industry requirements I may be unaware of, the worse thing I can say about this software is it is free.

Patricia Wilson


I have used A LOT of photo editors and have all the photoshops up to CS5, sometimes those are a bit to bulky and time consuming to do basic touch ups and the intermediate ones can be hard to figure out. For simple to intermediate fast editing, I adore this editor, it does the job, and much more. I use it more often than my photoshop editors, and Photo Pos Pro is FREE!

Mark Blonde


It’s very intuitive and easy to use. It is FREE and will meed the needs of 99% of all users. It is everybit as good and useful as Photoshop but easier to navigate. The “help” files are excellent when you need help.

Jennifer Eleone


It is one of the best photo editing programs that I have found. The program offers a wide array of features and with time becomes quite beneficial to the user. Be it adjusting color, size or manipulating other features of your photo’s this can do it all.

Rick Pitcher


Several incredible great feature, tons of additional objects, etc.
If somebody need more pro feature than most of the dummy image editor know, this is the tool for that.

Kelly Wodson

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