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The Power Of Software ltd. company is a young and dynamic software company developing diverse software products. The company specializes in the field of Digital Image Enhancing and in the field of Computer Graphics.


Power Of Software ltd. company specializes in image processing. We have applied revolutionary approaches in the development of numerous mathematical models and image processing engines that constitute a breakthrough in their field.

Power Of Software ltd. developed , Photo Pos Pro  , the groundbreaking image processing software.
Millions of users from around the world have downloaded our products, that has received excellent reviews at leading websites.

Our software, Photo Pos Pro, is on the cutting edge of technology, with extremely versatile image processing capabilities and a user-friendly interface, enabling simple yet elegant performance of operations and providing an outstanding user experience.

Thanks to our unique advanced technology, Photo Pos Pro stands at the technological forefront of image processing, rendering Power of Software Ltd. a potential leader and trailblazer in this field.

Millions of users attest to the superior quality and popularity of Photo Pos Pro.

Power of Software Ltd. has set itself a number of primary goals:

  • Power of Software Ltd. puts great effort into developing advanced technologies in the field of Image Enhancing that will enable the development of powerful and advanced software while still being affordable to everyone. Our team of programmers does not rest a single moment, continuously delved in research and development of technology, to bring you the Image Enhancement products of the future.
  • Power of Software Ltd. has set goal for itself to develop quality software products for the Digital Graphics and Image Enhancement markets – products which enable the user to perform complex operations while still being user-friendly and affordable.
  • Power of Software Ltd. goes to great lengths to develop software that is suitable to their customer’s needs. In developing the
    software, the customer’s requirements and demands are taken into account. Any customer desiring a Feature which does not exist in the program is invited to send us his/her request and we will do our utmost effort in order to include the requested Feature into future versions of the program.
  • Road Map – coming soon: Crowd Photo Editing
    We are working very hard – we building the first world crowd photo editor that will be soon available It will bring a lot of new features. Stay tuned!

Customer Service

From the day of its incipience, the company has put an emphasis on the customer’s convenience The company is determined to afford top rate customer service. Every customer’s petition is diligently handled in order to give the best service possible and the most professional service possible in order to create satisfied customers. As part of this strategy, we encourage the customers to come to us with any requests, offers or remarks; any customer desiring a feature which does not exist in the program is invited to send us his/her request and we will do everything possible in order to include it in future versions of the program. Customer service is of the utmost importance to the company.


As an important part of the customer service, the company is offering a vast, advanced support system for the software’s products including support through e-mail, by phone and on-line support via chat. The Product’s support is free of any additional charge.


You name it; it does it. this program may be one of the best, and definitely least expensive, you will ever find. I have bought many cheap versions of editors or had free ones that aren’t 1% of what Pos Pro is. I wish I had this software a long time ago. Absent professional idiosyncracies or industry requirements I may be unaware of, the worse thing I can say about this software is it is free.

Patricia Wilson


I have used A LOT of photo editors and have all the photoshops up to CS5, sometimes those are a bit to bulky and time consuming to do basic touch ups and the intermediate ones can be hard to figure out. For simple to intermediate fast editing, I adore this editor, it does the job, and much more. I use it more often than my photoshop editors, and Photo Pos Pro is FREE!

Mark Blonde


It’s very intuitive and easy to use. It is FREE and will meed the needs of 99% of all users. It is everybit as good and useful as Photoshop but easier to navigate. The “help” files are excellent when you need help.

Jennifer Eleone


It is one of the best photo editing programs that I have found. The program offers a wide array of features and with time becomes quite beneficial to the user. Be it adjusting color, size or manipulating other features of your photo’s this can do it all.

Rick Pitcher


Several incredible great feature, tons of additional objects, etc.
If somebody need more pro feature than most of the dummy image editor know, this is the tool for that.

Kelly Wodson

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