Tutorial - Framing Photos

Issue: Add a stunning frame to your photo using Photo Pos Pro frame templates (figure no.1)
Framing Photos
figure no.1

In order to add a stunning frame to your photo simply follow these steps:
  1. Click on File -> New -> Frames menu and select the desired frame and click Next (figure no.2)

    Framing Photos
    figure no.2

  2. Select the desired frame size and click Next to load the frame into the editor (figure no.3)

    Framing Photos
    figure no.3

  3. To put in your own photo into the frame:
    • Select the Move/Resize/Rotate tool -
    • Double click on current photo and select a new to photo to put in instead the current one (figure no.4)

    Framing Photos
    figure no.4

  4. After setting up your photo, to set up its size location and etc. make sure the Move/Resize/Rotate tool - is selected, next select the photo layer by clicking on it and manipulate it to the desired size, location, angle and etc. (figure no.5)
    Framing Photos
    figure no.5

  5. If you need to adjust or enhance your photo click on the Adjustments menu and select the desire adjusting function

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