Overview - Batch and Scripts actions

Issue: Executing list of functions and actions on multiple photos at once (also called action/command script)
Note: Photo Pos Pro v4 Scripts & Batch Operations tool is a brand new tool that was was re-written from the scratch in order to bring you a super powerful Scripts & Batch tool

Scripts & Batch basics: In order to perform a batch operation you first have to record the desired action and then using it in a batch mode. Recording actions is very easy thing to do! Here is how to do it:
  1. Open a sample photo (Click on File -> Open menu or Ctrl+O)
  2. On the software screen click on then Command Scripts tab (By default found on the right bottom side of the screen), on the Command Scripts tab click on the Record button to start the script recording. From now on everything you'll do will be record as a script that later can be run on a multiple photos in a batch - That simple! (Figure no.1)

    Scripts & Batch tool
    Figure no.1

  3. Perform the desired actions, for example to create script that resizes photos, convert them to black & white and add a text "My trip to europe":
    • Resize the photo using the resize tool (Click Image -> Resize... menu or Ctrl + w)
    • Add Black White Photograph effect (Click on Effects -> Colors -> Black White Photograph...)
    • Using the text tool add the text "My trip to europe", set the desired text size, color, style and location

  4. Go to the Command Scripts tab and click on the Stop button to stop the script recording (Figure no.1), once stopping you'll be prompted to save the script. Save the script under the name MyScript1. Once saved you can use the script over and over as needed, share it with others and etc.
  5. In order to run the script on another single photo open the photo (Click on File -> Open... menu or Ctrl + o), next, look for the script on the scripts list and select it, once selected click on the Execute button (figure no.3)

    Scripts & Batch tool
    Figure no.3

  6. In order to run the script on multiple photos at once (in a batch), look for the script on the scripts list and select it, once selected click on Batch Execute button (figure no.4) to open the Scripts & Batch tool screen (figure no.5)

    Scripts & Batch tool
    Figure no.4

  7. As you can see, clicking on Batch Execute button opened the Batch and Scripts screen and added the MyScript1 script to the scripts list on the left side of the screen. Now all you have to do is simply add the desired photos you wish to batch resize to the Image Files List on the right side by clicking the Add Image Files button or by dragging them from Windows Explorer in to the Image Files List (figure no.4)

    Scripts & Batch tool
    Figure no.5

    Next, select the desired output directory (where to save the resized files), select the resized files image format and click OK to run the script in a batch
[Optional]: On the same principle you can record any script you like and run it on multiple photos in a batch

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