What's New In Photo Pos Pro v4

Version 4 is more than 10 times(!) stronger than the legacy (1.90.xx) version. The new version features new powerful yet user friendly user interface, great new functions, stunning effects, new rendering engines and much more!

The software uses numerous mathematical models and image processing engines that we developed using revolutionary approaches, constituting a breakthrough in the field.

Version 3 new features partial list:
  • Fully x64 bit version (32 bit version also available)

  • Totally new and vast improved user interface enabling the performance of many professional tasks easily then ever before

  • Virtual vector photo editing – a unique technology that is changing how professional image editing software works.

  • Many new photo enhancements functions, among them:

    • New Selection Brush and Magic Selection Brush tool

    • Powerful Magnetic Selection tool

    • New Photo Leveler tool

    • Super powerful Text Block tool

    • Super powerful Text Over Path tool

    • New Magic Background Eraser Tool

    • Powerful Recovery Brush

    • New Magic Recovery Brush

    • New Facial Recovery Brush

    • New auto corrections functions

    • New four(!) white balance methods

    • New temperature and color enhancement functions

    • New additional histogram adjusts functions

    • Many new filters and filters improvements including many new HQ sharp functions, advanced and improved red eye and noise removal filters and much more!

    • Many new effects and effects improvements with many new effects controls, commands and options

  • Leading raster and vector selection tools, including sophisticated smart choice tools such as magnetic selection.

  • Multiple and group object selection – a must for professional users.

  • Simultaneous operation on multiple objects & layers (raster and vector operations).

  • Endless masking and blend options for all raster operations on layer (image) content, mask or both.

  • Recording action with batch run options.

  • Highly advanced styles and vector effects, including unique interfaces that allow rapid and simple creation of an endless variety of styles and effects. No other product on the market provides such capabilities.

  • Advanced and powerful vector text tools that enables texts creation in a variety of shapes and multiple tracks (including three-dimensional).

  • Highly advanced geometric transformation engine.

  • Upgraded and powerful shapes and lines/curves engine, including custom shapes & curves.

  • New and vast improved history features

  • So much more! Actually the list is so long it'll take about 10 pages to complete, so simply test it yourself :)

Magic Selection Brush

Magnetic Selection

Candy Vectorial Effect

Candy Vectorial Effect

Advanced Balancing

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