Tutorial - Creating a custom collage using Virtual Vector Photo Editing (Multiple layers scenario)

Issue: Understanding new Photo Pos Pro v4 Virtual Vector Photo Editing feature by creating a custom photo collage

Photo Pos Pro v4 Introduces great new feature called "Virtual Vector Photo Editing". Virtual Vector Photo Editing means that the software has super smart & intelligent AI algorithms that makes it easy to perform resize/raster actions while keeping the image quality as much as possible - the software transforms from virtual editing to raster editing automatically without interrupting your work

Virtual Vector Photo Editing feature is Photo Pos Pro v4 unique technology that is changing how professional image editing software works.

Multiple layers scenario:

Multiple layers scenario is a common a daily working realistic scenario happens many time when working with layers

For the example will create a photo collage and demonstrate how the virtual vector photo editing helps us:
  • In order to create the collage background create 1000 x 1000 new blank empty gradient background image (Click on File -> New -> Blank Image menu, figure no.1)

    Virtual Vector Photo Editing
    figure no.1

  • In order to add the collage photos, using Windows files explorer browse to the desired photos directory and drag a desired photo file from the Windows files explorer into the new image surface, notice that the new image adds as a new layer. Select Move/Resize/Rotate tool - , Resize the added photo to size that takes about 1/9 of the blank image area (figure no.2)

    Virtual Vector Photo Editing
    figure no.2

  • Repeat the previous step two more time until you have three photos on canvas (figure no. 3)

  • Next we will add some effects to the photos:
    • In order to add some effects, select the three photo layers (do it by holding the Ctrl key and click on each layer until you'll see that the three photo layers are selected, figure no.3)

      Virtual Vector Photo Editing
      figure no.3

    • Select the Effects card index (founds under the layers panel) and mark the Shadow & Outline effects (figure no 4.)

      Virtual Vector Photo Editing
      figure no.4

    • Click on the "..." button near the Outline to open the Outline effect properties dialog box. On the Outline effect dialog box fill the values as shown on figure no.5 and click OK to get the results as shown on figure no.6

      Virtual Vector Photo Editing
      figure no.5

      Virtual Vector Photo Editing
      figure no.6

  • Select Move/Resize/Rotate tool - , resize & locate the photos as shown on figure no.7 to get the final collage

    Virtual Vector Photo Editing
    figure no.7

  • As you can see despite all the manipulations, resize, rotation and etc. the quality was not affected due to the Virtual Vector Photo Editing AI algorithms!
  • In case you wish to replace some of the collage photos simply double click on the desired photo and select new one instead

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