Tutorial - Removing "Red Eye" (Anti Red Eye)

Issue: Removing "Red Eye" from a picture using anti red eye brush (figure no.1)

Removing Red Eye (Anti Red Eye)
    figure no.1

In order to remove "Red Eye" from a picture simply follow these steps:
  1. Open the desired photo - (Click on File -> Open menu or Ctrl+O, figure no.2)

    Removing Red Eye (Anti Red Eye)

    figure no.2

  2. From the Tools toolbar (the left toolbar) select the "Anti Red-Eye Brush"

    Removing Red Eye (Anti Red Eye)

  3. Now, point the mouse to the red eye area and "rub" it (do it by pointing the mouse to the eye area, click and old the left button and move the mouse over the eye area - figure no.3)

    Removing Red Eye (Anti Red Eye)

    figure no.3

  4. [Optional] You can control the level of the effect, brush size (and much more) using the tool's properties toolbar (the upper toolbar)
  5. Finally you should get the result of the red eye removed from the photo (figure no.4)

    Removing Red Eye (Anti Red Eye)

    figure no.4

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