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Effects Menu

This menu contains many special & exciting effects which you can use to enrich your pictures and to create special, impressive and exciting pictures. Special effects are one of the most exciting ways to enrich pictures and create spectacular works. The Effects Menu contains a number of sub menus, each one containing special effects in a certain field.

Deformation Sub-Menu

This sub-menu contains a number of effects that enable the angling, changing, twisting and distorting of a picture's (mainly geometrical) shape.

Colors Sub-Menu

This sub-menu contains many effects in the field of color. The effects under this menu primarily affect the texture of the colors in the picture and enable the creation of impressive and special color textures.

Light Sub-Menu

This sub-menu contains effects related to light and light sources.

Optics Sub-Menu

This sub-menu contains effects from the field of optics such as lenses, mirrors and more.

Motion Sub-Menu

This menu contains effects which can give the illusion of motion to a picture or objects on a picture. For example, you can create the illusion of a moving car, a turning wheel, an earthquake and more.

Magical Sub-Menu

This menu contains a number of effects through which it is possible to create the illusion of a "magical" atmosphere in the picture.

More Sub-Menu

This menu contains additional general effects such as the paint effect, the bump map (emboss) effect, the possibility to create buttons, the bevel effect which creates the illusion of three dimensions and more. Home Page | Help Home | 1999 - 2013 (c) Copyright Power Of Software. All rights reserved