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How To Use This Help

The Photo Pos Pro photo editor comes with a help system which applies to both beginners and advanced users as one. The help system includes help with all the issues related to the program. The software's help system is a standard windows help system. The activation of the system is quite simple. The help file is built like a book and is divided into chapters and sub-chapters through which it is possible to reach the desired information.

These are the principal and recommended ways to use the help:
  1. If you are an inexperienced user with no former background in digital image editing, start with the Quick Start chapter which will guide you step by step into the wonderful world of digital image editing.
  2. If you are an experienced user with former background in digital image editing, you can find documentation of the program's main operations in the Advanced Image Editing chapter.
  3. For information on the program's interface (windows, toolbars, menus, etc.), turn to the Software Interface chapter.
  4. For other issues (such as printing, scanning images, etc.), you can reach the relevant chapters either by searching in the index or by a regular search.
While working on the program, you can press the F1 button from anywhere (or press the help button, if such a button exists) in order to get information on the relevant subject. For example, pressing the F1 button while being in the Brightness/Contrast window will display relevant information on the function. An additional way you can get information while working is by using the Help Menu.

Help Menu

This menu contains several options for receiving help

Pressing this sub-menu will open the help chapters from which you can select the desired subject you need help on.


Pressing this sub-menu will open the help's index (the list of keywords) with which you can reach the desired subject.


Pressing this sub-menu will open the help's search screen with which you can perform a search for a certain subject by use of keywords.

Website -

Pressing this sub-menu will send you to the software's website where you can turn to the support crew for help, receive information on updates and download bonus packs.

Tech Support

Photo Pos Pro Support & Info Forum

For any additional questions, we are happy to be at your service. You may turn to the support crew through the software's website located at or directly to . For support by phone, please contact the software's website for additional details.

Uninstall the Software

In order to uninstall the software:
  • Click on windows menu Start -> Programs
  • Select Photo Pos Pro -> Uninstall from the list to uninstall the software.
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