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Frame Tools

With Photo Pos Pro photo editor frame tools you can easily add beautiful frames to your photos. Photo Pos Pro photo editor has three different frame tools: Classic Frame Tool, Mask Frame Tool, Overlay Frame Tool.
  1. Classic Frames -This tool allows you to easily surround your photos with classic and traditional frames in many variations, shapes and colors. To learn more about this tool, click on one of the samples below

    Classic Type Basic

    Classic Type Advanced

    Classic Type Advanced

  2. Mask Frames - This tool uses a transparency mask (also known as an alpha mask) and a colorful background/pattern to generate spectacular frames.
  3. Overlay Frames - This tool uses predefined beautiful frames to surround your photos (these frames were created using a combination of the classic frame tool, the mask frame tool and other simple editing functions). Home Page | Help Home | 1999 - 2013 (c) Copyright Power Of Software. All rights reserved