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Filters Menu

This menu contains many filtering functions that operate on the picture area (and on the frequency area, as well). With this menu you can perform many filtering operations on a picture such as Red Eye Reduction, Noise Reduction, picture sharpening, blurring and more. You can create new filters as well and in doing so, you broaden the capabilities of the program yourselves!

Red Eye Reduction

This sub-menu contains functions to repair pictures in which the "red eye" effect is present. The red eye effect is caused when people are photographed (usually at night or in the dark) with flash. The functions under this sub-menu enable you to remove the red eyes from the people photographed in the picture.
Before using the functions in this sub-menu you must select the area on the picture on which you wish to operate the function.

Additional option for removing "Red Eye" is using the
refiner tool:

Tutorial - Removing "Red Eye" from a picture using the Refiner tool


Reduce Noise

This sub-menu contains functions to repair pictures in which "noise" has been created during the photographing/scanning of the picture. Through the functions it is possible to remove part of these unwanted noises. In order to get the best results it is recommended to use the 3 automatic functions (Auto Reduction, Despeckle & Median Cut) and select the best result out the three. For advanced control over the manner of repair, use the Advanced option.

Sharpen Image

This sub-menu contains functions that enable the sharpening of a blurry picture and in so improving the quality of the picture. The functions under this sub-menu are very useful for repairing blurry pictures.

Blur Image

This sub-menu contains functions which enable you to create different effects of blurring and softening of a picture.

Edges Filter

A function used for finding and emphasizing the edges (the borderlines between the bright and dark areas) of a picture. This function is extremely useful when wishing to create works (especially illustrations and drawings) that are based on photographs. For example, when you want to create an illustration based on a photograph you must activate the filter. After activating the filter, the borderlines of the photograph will appear (similar to the illustrations in a children's drawing book). Now it is possible to color in the areas within the borderlines and in so receiving an impressive illustration based on the photograph.
  • Filter Type Dropdown Box - In this box it is possible to select the type of filter that will be used for constructing the borderlines of the picture.

Morphing Filters

A function that enables the operation of 4 different effects on the picture: the effect of a picture taken through a lens covered with water Droplets and another 3 different drawing effects.
  • Filter Type Dropdown Box - In this box it is possible to select one of 4 that create the effects. The first filter (Maximum filter), creates the effect of a picture that was taken through a lens covered with water droplets. The other 3 filters create different drawing effects.

Custom Filter

Custom Filter - A very important function which allows the user to create new filters which do not exist in the program. With this function you can create new filters and by doing so broadening yourselves the capabilities of the program. A filter is an object which enables filtering and the amplification of spatial frequencies in a picture. By doing so, it enables many important operations such as the sharpening and blurring of a picture, the location of a picture's edges (borderlines) and much more. Home Page | Help Home | 1999 - 2013 (c) Copyright Power Of Software. All rights reserved