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Photo Pos Pro photo editor Tools

The Photo Pos Pro photo editor toolbox contains many powerful and diverse tools with which it is possible to perform various editing operations. With the editing tools you can perform various operations, from basic editing operations to complex and advanced editing operations, including creating works from scratch. In order to use and activate a certain tool from the toolbox, use the tool buttons on the Tools Toolbar.

Tools Toolbar

This toolbar contains the buttons (shortcuts) for activating the editing tools which the ample Photo Pos Pro photo editor Toolbar offers. Here you can find the brush tools, the erasing tools, the image refinement tools, paint tools, selection tools and many other additional tools. While working on a certain tool, the selected tool's properties will be displayed in the Tool Properties dialog box, where you can control the tool's properties and function.

Pointer Tool

Magnifying Tool (Zoom)

Standard (Geometric) Selection Tool

Custom Selection Tool

Magic Wand (Selection) Tool

Color Sampler Tool

Paint Brush Tool

Custom Paint Brush Tool

Clone Brush Tool

Super Magic Brush Tool

Line Tool

Shape Tool

Flood Fill Tool

Text Tool (Regular)

Text Over Path Tool

Refinement Tool

Eraser Tool

Custom Eraser Tool

Tools Properties Dialog Box

This dialog box is used to display the properties of the active tool (the tool which is being used). The dialog box's display changes according to the tool selected. The Tools Properties dialog box contains a number of commands (depending on the tool being used) which enable control over the tool's properties. In order to display/hide the Tools Properties dialog box, press the Show/Hide Tools Dialog button - in the Shortcuts Toolbar. Home Page | Help Home | 1999 - 2013 (c) Copyright Power Of Software. All rights reserved