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What's New

New in v1.88
  • New: Green/Blue screen tool - great powerful tool for pro. photographers (also known as "chroma key") allows easily combine photos took under green screen. More Info...
  • New: Dynamic brushes - allows creating great computer graphics and cool backgrounds easily. With Dynamic brushes anyone can became an artist easily! More Info...
  • The standard brush paint tool can now be in any shape from PPP shapes library.
  • Added many new layers/objects blend modes.
  • Some interface improvements.
New in v1.87
  • Added many new stunning mask frame effects (Tools -> Frames -> Add Frame Mask Type...)
  • Added new beautiful vectorial frame objects to Photo Pos Pro premade objects (Tools -> Add/Browse Objects...)
  • Added some great new color gradients.
  • Some bug fixes.
New in v1.85
  • Added some great new wooden frames to the classic frames too (Tools -> Frames -> Add Frame Classic Type...)
  • Added some great new natural based color frames to the classic frames too (Tools -> Frames -> Add Frame Classic Type...)
  • Added some great new color gradients.
  • Some bug fixes.
New in v1.84
  • Added great new templates.
  • Added some improvements from user's wish list.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • And� Much More!
New in v1.83
  • Added new objects library to PPP Pre-made Objects tool - Effects objects library.
  • Added new text objects with new cools effects to PPP Pre-made Objects tool.
  • Upgraded buttons in PPP Pre-made Objects tool.
  • Added interface improvements from user's wish list.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • And� Much More!
New in v1.82
  • Added support for Windows 64Bit versions.
  • Added new properties to objects including caption property.
  • Added new help sections including help sections for objects.
  • Added interface improvements from user's wish list.
  • Some bug fixes.

  • And� Much More!

New in v1.81
  • V1.81 improves the over all memory management.
  • Added fast way to edit vectorial object colors at the Auto Colors Mode.
  • Added interface improvements from user's wish list.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • And� Much More!
New in v1.80
  • Easily build web pages using the new HTML Webpage Wizard - Using the wizard you can turn your designs to interactive web pages! (Click "File -> Tutorials -> Building HTML Webpages..." to learn more). The HTML Wizard was the most wanted winning feature in the latest user wish list survey we run. We thank everybody who took part n the survey and hope you'll enjoy this great new feature!
  • Added support for Windows 7.
  • Added effects panel (to view it right click on an object and select "Vectorial Effects" from the pop up menu).
  • Mouse wheel zoom in/out feature can now be reverse from the software options screen (Click "File -> Options�" menu to access it).
  • Effects and Styles can be now copy and paste between objects.
  • Added new templates.
  • Photo Pos Pro project (*.fpos) files are now more compressed.
  • Photo Pos Pro project (*.fpos) files are now loads faster then ever.
  • And� Much More!
New in v1.76
  • Version 1.76 improves the vectorial effects masks support.
  • Added a lot of new vectorial text objects including 3D Texts, Glowing Texts, Textured Based Text and more (See screenshot). To use the new texts objects click on the Tools -> Add/Browse Objects... and select the desire text object.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • And� Much More!
New in v1.75
  • Version 1.75 improves dramatically the software loading time and loads super fast.
  • Added some new shapes.
  • Improved over all performances.
  • Some bug fixes.
  • And� Much More!
New in v1.74:
  • Added many new beautiful complex vector shapes - trees, animals and more! (see screenshoot).
  • Added great new business card templates designs to the templates tool (see screenshoot).
  • Over all file related engine improvements.
  • Improved styles.
New in v1.73:
  • Improved and upgraded shape render engine capable to render a lot of new shapes.
  • Added a lot of new beautiful shapes
New in v1.72:
  • Added some new button templates.
  • improved auto update functionality.
New in v1.71:
  • Added a new templates engine allows creation of collages, greeting cards, business cards,buttons and etc. easily and fast!
  • Added many new templates!
New in v1.70:
  • Added support for Vector Objects.
  • Added support for Vector Effects.
  • Added support for editable Texts.
  • Improved Photo Pos Pro (*.fpos) file compression.
Version 1.62

  • Faster performances.
  • Added New styles capabilities.
  • Added features and improvements from users wish list.
Version 1.60

  • Totally new Real-Time graphics render engine!
  • Improved Texts and Text Over Path tools.
  • Additional increase to the software overall performances!
  • Added many new styles and overlay frames.
Version 1.50

  • Works much faster then previous versions and works very fast with big images!
  • Added new memory management module - The FMMS (fast memory management system) that enables Photo Pos Pro take advantage on the system memory efficiently and increases the overall performance of the software
  • Added new high quality antialias selections module for professional results.
  • Added new shapes library to the shapes tool - the flow chars shapes library.
Version 1.45

  • Added new styles tools capable to generate thousands of amazing styles!
  • Added extended support for file formats transparencies (Gif's, PNG and etc.)
  • Added features and improvements from users wish list
Version 1.40

  • Added some new features and improvements to the image browser.
  • Added features and improvements from users wish list
Version 1.38

  • Version 1.38 improves performance of Help system and Help interface.
Version 1.37

  • Added Inner Shadow and Inner Glow effects (Effects -> Light -> Inner Shadow/Inner Glow menu).
  • Added Inline effect (Effects -> More -> Inline menu) and new effects to the multi-image printing tool.
  • Improved Shadow effect.
  • Added new tutorial (Inner Glow Effect).
Version 1.36

  • Full Support for Windows Vista
Version 1.35

  • Extended Support for Windows Themes
  • Improved and new Magical Effects.
  • Added new tutorials (Creating a Neon Sign, Creating Magical Effects)
Version 1.34

  • Version 1.34 works and loads faster then ever!
Version 1.32

  • Added Auto White Balance function (Colors -> Auto Corrections -> Auto White Balance).
  • Improved resize function.
  • Improved help design.
Version 1.31

  • Added edit Exif Tags support.
  • Added new skin (View -> Toolbars and Dialogs� menu).
Version 1.30

  • Added new and much improved Paste Into Selection feature (Edit -> Paste - Into Selection menu)
  • Added tutorial "fun with photos" shows how to replace someone's body with other using the Paste Into Selection feature (Help -> Tutorials -> Fun with photos (Replace someone's head)� menu)
Version 1.29

  • Added skins feature (View -> Toolbars and Dialogs� menu)
Version 1.28

  • Added more enhanced and powerful units support (View -> Units menu).
Version 1.27

  • New drawing render engine capable to draw very high quality objects.
  • Improved lines tool.
  • Improved Neon and Sphere effects.
  • New help topics (Help -> How To - Quick Guide)
Version 1.26

  • Added many improvements and some new features to the software built in picture browser (File -> Picture Browser (Browse)...).
  • Image (original) EXIF Info menu & report replaced with new report - Image Information and EXIF (Image -> Image Information and EXIF�)
Version 1.25

  • Added circular coordinates effect (Effects -> More -> Circular Cooardinates).
  • Optimized the full screen preview for faster view.
Version 1.21 - 1.24

  • Added improvements and fixes to the moving, deformation and transformation tool.
  • Added new effects (Effects -> Optics -> Sphere..., Effects -> Magical -> Spheres�).
  • Added improvements to the lens effect.
  • Added improvements to the neon effect.
  • Added new tutorials.
Version 1.2

  • Added great new features - visual deformation and transformation options.
  • Moving tool is now also a transformation tool.
  • Moving tool can move full layer.
  • Change from V1.1.7 - To move the selection lines choose one of the selection tools, point on it with the mouse and, pressing the mouse's right/left button move it to the desired spot.
  • Change from V1.1.7 - To move the selection content choose the Moving/Transform tool, point on it with the mouse and, pressing the mouse's left button move it to the desired spot.
Version 1.17

  • Added great new tool - Movie/Animation frames capture tool (Tools -> Movie/Animation Frames Capture...)
  • Added support for multipages files (Tiff's)
Version 1.16

  • Added great new tool - the Crop Tool.
  • Shortcuts toolbar (the upper toolbar) changes: the Crop Selection shortcut button removed, instead use the Selections -> Crop Selection menu.
Version 1.15

  • Added features and improvements from users wish list (part 1 of 3).
  • Added new feature - Tabbed workspace allows working very comfortably in full (maximized) image window mode.
Version 1.14

  • New Menu - the Tools menu.
  • Added new tool - HTML Image mapper (Tools -> Web Developer -> HTML Image Mapper).
  • Menus Changes: Frames Tools, Web Page Background Tool & The Themes Background Browser moved under the new Tools menu.
Version 1.13

  • Added new color transitions (gradients) functionality.
Version 1.12

  • Added many improvements to the user interface.
Version 1.11

  • Added new tool - the multi-image printing tool allow you to print MULTIPILE IMAGES and album pages with ease!
  • Added new shape library (the buttons library) to the shape generator.
Version 1.10

  • Added new tool - the classic frames tool + dozens of great frames (Effects -> Frames & Themes Backgrounds -> Add Frame (Classic Type...)).
  • Added some new shapes to the shape generator.
Version 1.09

  • Added new tool - the themes backgrounds tool + dozens of backgrounds (File -> Browse Themes Backgrounds)
  • Added some new shapes to the arrows shape library
  • Added new patterns to the patterns library
  • Added new gradients to the gradients library
Version 1.08

  • Added dozens of new brushes to the custom brush tool!
  • Added an all-new shape generator capable to generate dozens of shapes!
  • Added improved selections tool capable to generate dozens of selections!
  • Added "mask" frames tool (Effects -> Frames & Themes Backgrounds -> Add Frame (Mask Type...)).
  • Added improved antialias algorithms.
Version 1.07

  • Added support for transparent GIF'S.
  • Added three new toolbars.
Version 1.06

  • Added New Toolbar - the predefind shapes toolbar.
Version 1.05

  • New Tutorials (Help -> Tutorial menu)
  • 5 New Advanced Selections Functions: Resize, Expand & Contract, Find Contour, Feather and Smooth (Founds under Selections menus)
  • Improved Eraser Tool
Version 1.04

  • Added Sepia effect (Effects -> Colors -> Sepia menu)
  • Added Gaussian Noise function (Effects -> Noise -> Add Gaussian Noise... menu)
  • Added Negative Exp Noise function (Effects -> Noise -> Add Negative Exp Noise... menu)
  • Added Rayleigh Noise function (Effects -> Noise -> Add Rayleigh Noise... menu)
  • Added Uniform Noise function (Effects -> Noise -> Add Uniform Noise... menu)
  • Added New Toolbar.
  • Added Moving Tool (Tools Toolbar).
Version 1.03

  • Added Wallpaper Creation function (File -> Set As Wallpaper menu).
  • Added Web Page Background effect (Effects -> More -> Web Page Background... menu).
  • Added Outline effect (Effects -> More -> Outline... menu).
  • Added 3D effect (Effects -> More -> 3D... menu).
  • Added Glow effect (Effects -> Light -> Glow... menu).
  • Added Zoom Blur effect (Effects -> Motion -> Zoom Blur... menu).
  • Added support of Windows XP Themes. Home Page | Help Home | 1999 - 2013 (c) Copyright Power Of Software. All rights reserved