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Tutorials Index:

  1. Add a frame to your photo
  2. Creating a Beautiful Photo Collage
  3. isolate a certain part in the image (Crop)
  4. Removing an unwanted object (Clone Brush)
  5. Removing "Red Eye"
  6. Creating a Greeting Card
  7. Take out/in someone from a photo
  8. Creating a Button
  9. Creating Outlined Text Effects
  10. Creating 3D Text Effects
  11. Creating Chrome Effects
  12. Creating GIF/PNG with transparent background
  13. Create a Film Artwork Design
  14. Create a Flame Effect
  15. Creating a Lava Star effect
  16. File Format Batch Conversion
  17. (Pictures) Batch Resize
  18. Turn Your Design into HTML Web Page
  19. Fun with photos (Replace someone's body)
  20. Creating a Neon Sign
  21. Creating Magical Effects
  22. Inner Glow Effect
  23. Using Templates to Create Stunning Designs
  24. Building HTML Web Pages
  25. Adding water mark to picture (video turotial)
  26. Whiten teeth (video turotial)
  27. Adding a Tattoo to Person (Video Tutorial)
  28. Creating a Glass/Crystal Ball/Orb (Video Tutorial)
  29. How To Change Eye Color Using Photo Pos Pro (Video Tutorial)
  30. More...

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