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Window Menu

This sub-menu contains a number of options for organizing and viewing picture windows which are open in the program's window. In addition, this menu contains the list of all the windows open in the program and enables you to select the desired window.

A function that creates a new picture which is made up of the combination of layers on which the function is activated. The new picture will contain only one layer which will look like the combination of the layers on which the function was activated. In the new picture, it will not be possible to edit every layer separately (the original picture will not be damaged).


Sub-Menu - Pressing this sub-menu will cause the cascade arrangement of the open windows in the program (one over the other).


Sub-Menu - Pressing this sub-menu will cause the arrangement of the icons of the reduced windows in the program's window. Home Page | Help Home | 1999 - 2013 (c) Copyright Power Of Software. All rights reserved