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Tutorial - Removing an unwanted object (Clone Brush)

Issue: Removing an unwanted object from an image using the Clone Brush tool (figure no. 1)

figure no.1

To remove an unwanted object from an image, simply follow these steps:
  1. Open the desired picture - (Click on File -> Open menu or Ctrl+O, figure no.2)

    figure no. 2

  2. From the Tools toolbar, choose the Clone Brush tool -
  3. The principle of removing an unwanted object is simple - you have to choose a part of the image that is similar to the object's background (usually near the unwanted object). Using the clone brush cover the unwanted object with this similar background. RIGHT click the mouse button on a part of the image, which is similar to the unwanted object's background. Now move the mouse pointer to the unwanted object area, then left click the mouse button. While holding the button, "rub" the unwanted object area, until the object vanishes (figure no.3).

    figure no. 3

    * If you wish to clone from a new background, simply RIGHT click the mouse button over the new location.
    * You can control the size/opacity (and much more) of the clone brush using the tool's properties window. To view the tool's properties window press F2 or
  4. Repeat step 3, each time from a new background cloning location, until the entire object vanishes. (figure no. 4)

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