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The Picture Browser

The program contains a built-in picture browser with which it is possible to easily organize picture files. With the browser you can view the Thumbnails of the pictures in the library (folder), change the files names of the pictures, erase pictures, perform a variety of operations on a group of pictures (Batch Operations), run scripts on files and more.

How to use the Browser

In order to open the Browser, press on the sub-menu Browse under the File menu or press the Browse button in the Shortcuts Toolbar. The Browser window contains 5 main parts:
  1. The Browser's Toolbar - Contains buttons which perform different operations on the picture files selected from the Thumbnails display box.
  2. Drive List Dropdown Box - This box is used to select the desired drive from which the picture Thumbnails will be displayed in the Thumbnail display box.
  3. Directories List Box - This box is used to select the directory from where the pictures displayed in the Thumbnails display box will be taken. The directories displayed in the box are the directories located in the drive selected in the Drive List Dropdown Box.
  4. File List Box - This box is used to display the file names of the pictures located in the selected directory. If the directory selected does not contain pictures (which are supported by the program), this box will remain empty.
  5. The Thumbnail Display Box - This box is used to display a preview of the pictures in the directory selected from the Directories List Box. The Thumbnails of the pictures in that directory will appear in this window. If the directory selected does not contain pictures (which are supported by the program), this box will remain empty.
In order to view the pictures in a certain directory, select the drive in which the directory is located using the Drive List Dropdown Box and then select the directory using the Directory List Box.

Opening a Picture For Editing

In order to open a desired picture, use the mouse to double click on it either in the Picture Box or in the file Box.

Renaming a Picture

In order to rename a picture, select it (by clicking on its Thumbnail once with the mouse) and press the Rename button in the toolbar.

Performing Multiple File Operations

In order to perform an operation on a number of pictures, you must first select them. Selecting a number of pictures is done in the standard, accepted manner common to programs working under the Windows Operating System. In order to select a number of pictures, hold down the Ctrl key and click on the Thumbnails of the desired pictures (in order to cancel the selection of a picture, click on it once again holding down the Ctrl key).

Opening a Group of Pictures for Editing

In order to open a group of pictures for editing, select them and press the open button in the toolbar.

Erasing Pictures

In order to erase a picture, you must select it and then, press the Delete button in the toolbar. Authorizing the operation will delete the selected file.

Rotating Pictures

In order to rotate a picture, select it and press the Rotate (Clockwise) button in the toolbar for a 90 degree clockwise rotation or the Rotate (Against Clockwise) button for a 90 degree rotation against the clock. In order to rotate the picture more than 90 degrees, it is possible to press the desired button a number of times. The buttons in the toolbar enable the rotation of pictures only in divisions of 90 degrees. In order to rotate the picture in any angle, open it for editing and use the Rotate function and/or use the script.
  • It is not possible to rotate pictures with layers (*.fops file types) and/or files with more than a single Frame with these buttons. If you wish to perform rotating operations on files with more than one layer open them separately for editing. Pictures with more than a single Frame are not directly supported by the program.
  • Rotating a picture and saving it may impair its quality (In many cases, rotating a picture causes a slight defect in its quality. However, if you rotate a picture many times, the slight defects can build up and create a major defect).
Performing Batch Operations and Running Scripts on a Number of Pictures

In order to perform different operations on a number of pictures at once (such as increasing/decreasing the size of many pictures, rotating and slanting a large number of pictures, changing the format of a large number of files, performing image enhancing and editing operations on a large number of files and so on), select them and press the Add To Batch button on the Toolbar. Pressing the button will add the files to the list of files in the Script & Batch Operations window (If the window is closed, it will open after pressing this button). In order to add more files to the list, repeat the operation as many times as necessary.


The Browse Menu contains a Pop-up menu which enables you to perform all the operations possible through the Toolbar. You can perform multiple operations by selecting the desired files and afterwards clicking on the mouse's right button anywhere on the Thumbnail box (or the File box or the Directory box). This action will open the Pop-up Menu from which you can perform the operation desired.

Pop-up Menu

In order to perform any type of operation using the menu, you must first select the desired files and afterwards click on the desired operation in the menu. Home Page | Help Home | 1999 - 2013 (c) Copyright Power Of Software. All rights reserved