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Function's Dialog Box Joint Commands

OK Button - Pressing this button will cause the desired operation on the image and close the dialog box. In case there is a need to cancel the operation after it has been performed, this can be done with the Undo option.

Preview Button - In case the Auto Preview Checkbox button is marked Unchecked, pressing this button will cause the desired operation on the image, temporarily, without closing the dialog panel (It is possible to cancel the operation at any time by pressing the cancel button).

Cancel Button - Pressing the Cancel button will cancel the operation and close the dialog box.

Help Button - Pressing the Help Button will open the Help Menu (It is also possible to reach the Help Menu by pressing F1).

Auto Preview Checkbox - Mark this checkbox in order to see the changes made by the operation in real time.

Use Texture Checkbox - Marking this checkbox will cause the operation to use texture (if a texture was selected). The result will accord with the texture's makeup. It is possible to achieve amazing and impressive results by marking this option and selecting a nice texture.

Advanced Button - After executing an operation on any given image, the result is exchanged by default with the original. Pressing this button will present advanced options to control the way the result merges with the original image. This way it is possible to broaden the capacity of the original operation and create spectacular effects:

Normal Button - Pressing this button will close the advanced options and return the drop-down panel to its original state.

Opacity Slider - Controls the result layer's level of opacity. Default stands at 100% (result layer is entirely opaque meaning it will replace the original layer). Lower values will decrease the opacity of the result layer and increase its transparency. At 0% the result layer will be entirely transparent and the result will be the original layer.

Blend Mode - controls the manner in which the result layer merges with the original layer in various ways: Home Page | Help Home | 1999 - 2013 (c) Copyright Power Of Software. All rights reserved