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Tutorial - Magical Effects: Sparkled Object

Issue: Creating Sparkled Text Effect (figure no.1)

figure no.1

To create Sparkled Text Effect simply follow these steps:
  1. Create 500 x 150 new black empty image (Click on File -> New menu or Ctrl+n).
  2. Choose the Text Tool - , In order to draw a text, point the mouse on the starting point of the text, press and hold down one the mouse's button . Next, drag the mouse's pointer to the spot where you wish the text to end and release the button. After selecting the desires location, the Add Text dialog box will appear
  3. On the "Add Text" dialog box type in the desired text. To get a good effect choose big font size (80 or higher). Select the "Colors & Style" Tab and set the color to White. Click "OK" to finish (figure no.2).

    figure no.2

  4. Click on the Effects -> Light -> Neon Light� menu to open the Neon Light Effect dialog box.
  5. On this dialog box leave the default values with out any changes. Just click ok to confirm.
  6. Right click on the text and select "Merge Object with Parent Layer" from the pop up menu in order to rasterize and merge the text with the parent layer.

    figure no.3

  7. Click on the Effects -> Magical -> Sparkles� menu to open the Sparkles Effect dialog box.
  8. Set the Level slider value to 1, set the color to Purple (Red=128, Green=128, Blue=255), select "Bright Areas" on the Apply To drop down box and click OK to finish (figure no.4).

    figure no.4

  9. You may set the color on the Neon Light Effect dialog box to Orange (Red=255, Green=128, Blue=64, step no. 5) and use the stars effect instead of the sparkles effect on stage no. 8 to get the effect as shown on figure no.5

    figure no.5

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